Episode 1: The Mine

Our guide, the daimyo’s man, was the first to die.

The miners slit his throat, then attacked his bodyguards, shouting, “Freedom!” The screams we heard told us that the guards elsewhere were faring no better.

I thought we were dead men, but the miners just herded us down here and imprisoned us. First day or two (hard to track time passing down here), they treated us okay. Gave us food and water, and a few candles.

Then the screaming started.

There seemed to be fewer of them around. We tried to find out what was happening, but it was hard to understand them, and they weren’t too inclined to answer questions. But we could tell they were scared.

And then they stopped coming at all. It’s been a day, maybe two, since we’ve had any food or water. We just sat here in the darkness, waiting for whatever fate took our captors to claim us.

Thank you for saving us. Thank you!

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