House Rules

House Rules
Experience, Wealth, and Other Rewards

I will not be awarding experience points after each encounter; all characters will level at the end of each “chapter.” I anticipate your characters will be 12th level at the climax of the campaign.

I will be awarding karma points for background/supplemental storytelling, exceptional roleplaying, accomplishing individual objectives, and possibly for other stuff. You can spend karma points just like hero points. You don’t get any karma points automatically, and once spent they are expended, but there is no limit on how many you can accumulate, either.

Treasure will also be handled a little differently. Many of the adventures will not involve treasure at all. Many of your characters (particularly if you play samurai) will be on a mission, not acting as a mercenary (although you are certainly free to play a mercenary), and for samurai in particular, money is a distasteful but necessary evil.

That said, I want your characters to be able to equip themselves in a manner befitting their stature. So for each adventure, I will be awarding treasure, but instead of it being actual physical loot that your characters find, I will credit it to your account. When you want new gear, let me now what you are wanting. I will debit your account, and find a way in-game for you to get the new equipment, a way that is consistent with your character and the circumstances. (This can include, by the way, previously non-magical items having magic properties awakened and becoming magic items.) Even though Yamato is a low-magic setting and there are no magic item shops, you will have access to magic items at a level closer to a standard Pathfinder campaign.

Example: At the end of an adventure, Tadayama, a samurai, is awarded 4,000 gp in treasure, bringing his account to a total of 8,000 gp. He decides he wants a +1 sword (2,000 gp) and +1 armor (1,000 gp). He lets the DM know, and the DM notes that his account is now worth 5,000 gp. In the next adventure, Tadayama receives a surprise visit from the daimyo whom he serves, and the daimyo give him a gift: a set of armor, worn ages ago by a hero of the clan. He now has his magic armor. Later in the same adventure, Tadayama scores a critical hit on an oni, killing it. The sword seems to draw light out of the corpse, and the blade begins to glow softly. His ancestral blade is now a magic weapon.

Skill Tricks

Characters may use their skill points to learn skill tricks from the Complete Adventurer.

Deflect Missile

If you have Weapon Focus and Deflect Missile, you can use Deflect Missile with your focus weapon. You can substitute Weapon Focus as a prerequisite for Deflect Missile, but if you do so you can only use the feat when wielding your focus weapon.

House Rules

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