Cut the head off snake


Lord Asano was the target of Northern Inu barbarian assassins. We dispatched them without any losses. We searched their room to find a note that described the plot to attack the young samurai outside the gate of the city with more attackers to join these three. The attack will be on the 17 day of the 6th month. After the attack the would regroup at the Burning Lotus Inn and receive the rest of their payment. These barbarians decided to attack early to keep all the payment to themselves. Their fighting style was unorthodox, they put all might in their attacks but really didn’t protect themselves well. Also there was a gold bar with Lord Tetsayama seal on it. We plan on arriving day earlier then the ambush, but will stay vigilant on keeping the young lord alive.

I have a few simple requests to help continue my journey. I’ve heard of empowered monkish robes that can help keep up my act of a simple monk. And maybe some trinket that will allow me to evade attacks.

Your humble servant




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