Lightning blood


I’ve felt a off since being brought back from the dead. The fight with the witch, had lightning coursing through my veins while beat her to a pulp. If Genshi had not grabbed me no telling how long I would continued my assault. After reuniting with Asano’s retainers, we secured the gaijin weapons and gold then laid down to sleep. I heard the hiss of steel being freed from its scabbard and quietly stood up, the campfire illuminated a silhouette against the wall with a flick of my wrists I sent shurikens flying through the tent, tearing away flesh and canvas in a storm of blades. I heard Asano’s man scream “Treachery and we are under assault”. while Genshi woke Chak chak. The four of us fended off a dozen ninja from the Raineko Clan. These man are associated with Asano’s father in law. The others never stirred from their sleep. We established the security of the camp and set up watch and drifted asleep. That is when he came to me.

Raijin the god of storms, standing before me. His red skin rippling with muscles, as he beat the drum that he carried. thunder roared above me. "Kuroi, I have given you a gift. When you left the spirit world you brought back some of my power with you. I want you to help Chak Chak restore the balance of the Kami in this world. In your blood the power of lightning and wind has been ignited. Listen to your blood with both head and heart otherwise you may not be able to harness the power and restore balance.



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